Diamond Care:

Diamonds need periodic cleaning.   If you have access to an ultrasonic cleaner or a steamer, check to make sure you do not have any loose stones before you start cleaning.   For the majority of us without special jewelry cleaning equipment, cleaning with warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush works great.

Pearl Care:

If you are using perfume or hair spray, it is a good idea to apply those first before wearing your pearls as some chemicals can affect the color of your pearls.  For cleaning, just use a moistened cloth or paper towel.  Do not use an ultrasonic cleaner, soap, or a toothbrush.

To keep your pearls looking their best, avoid lengthy exposure to strong sun and avoid storing them in a safety box as they can dry out.  Lastly, it is actually better not to hang your strands for storage.   The best way is actually to store them flat.

Silver Care:

Silver can become oxidized or tarnished with exposure to air.  Therefore it is a good idea to store your silver in a ziplock bag or something you can seal well.  When you buy from us, we provide you with a special anti-tarnish pouch or bag to help keep your jewelry looking its best.  For touch up of your silver jewelry, you can clean it with a silver polishing cloth.  For any silver jewelry item you purchase from us, we are happy to provide an annual cleaning.    Please contact us for details.

Stingray Care:

Stingray leather is very durable.  If you get water on it just pat it dry with a towel.   If something gets in the "veins", a soft toothbrush will clean it.  The soft goatskin lining on the inside is delicate and does not like water more than any other type of leather, so try to avoid exposure to water.